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Personal Service
We focus on one thing: making your Direct Mail Campaign a success so you receive new Business.

From making the most comprehensive mail files effective and efficient, to hitting your timeline or recommending a unique custom option, we get it done. Incredible Quality and Value at an Affordable Low Cost. 

DML provides unmatched value, made possible by our high volume, state of the art printing/processing operations, and friendly expert staff.

Dedicated Team
Get ready to be spoiled. Our team of highly trained experts are ready to help, from marketing advice to making sure your Direct Mail Campaign goes off without a hitch. Our personal support team is empowered and dedicated to your success - with ONE GOAL IN MIND - MAKING THAT PHONE RING to bring you new business. 

Ultimate Convenience and Low Cost
We have combined all the perks and service of working with a small local print shop with expertise of a large production house with the equipment and tools that allow us to Print High Quality and a Low Cost. 

Our History - It makes us Different

DML evolved from over 35 years in the Mailing Equipment Industry. We can process your Direct Mail - FASTER - More Efficiently without Error - at a Lower cost because we not only Process Mail we Sell and Service the best Equipment in our Industry. 

We know from hundreds of installations of mail equipment just what it takes to be the BEST.

Our Founder, Allan Goodman is considered by many in the Business Mail Industry to be the go-to expert in Innovation and Knowledge that sets DML apart from other Direct Mail Houses. 


Allan Goodman - CEO/Founder

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